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Spirulina powder for birds. 


* High in protein

* High in vitamin B1, B2, B3

* High in Iron, copper and magnesium 

* Anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory

* Builds immunity and aids recovery

* A natural product formed from algae 

* Convenient to use - simply sprinkle the powder over


Spirulina is commonly associated with blue-green algae, which are actually protein-rich cyanobacteria, similar in appearance to very dark green algae, and are also consumed by humans. The spirulina powder contains many essential amino acids, is rich in chlorophyll and natural beta-carotene as well as minerals ( trace and major elements) and secondary plant substances.

This implies positive effects on the immune system, which is particularly important for young animals. Spirulina is also considered a breeding stimulant and increases plumage splendour.


Recommended use 1g (1x measuring spoon) per 100g egg-food

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