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This product by Easyyem is designed to intensify melanine content and heighten colours in all ornamental birds.

Suitable for canaries, lizards canaries and goldfinches etc.


* 100% plant based

* Consists of spirulina and knot-grass

* Spirulina linked to improved plumage 

* Knot-grass naturally emphasises colour and increases melamine content

* Liquid formula - easy to add to water


Pigment is a wholly natural plant-based product. Plant extracts help develop pigment cells in feathers and horn parts, and thereby intensify melanin pigments. It boosts birds metabolism and digestion.

Composition: Extracts of knot-grass and spirulina

Recommended use: During moulting and exhibition periods; 2ml per 1ltr of drinking water, 4-5 times per week, otherwise 3-4 times per week.

Shake well before administering.

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