Origa 100ml

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Helps with digestive problems in birds. 


·      Natural, herbal product

·      Made from Origanum plant which is a group of herbs including the likes of oregano and marjoram

·      Contains fruit vinegar for added vitamin benefits

·      Contains onion, garlic and leek for vitamin C and fibre, plus artichoke and milk thistle for

       promoting liver renewal

·      Contains mugwort to increase bile production and improve circulation

·      Contains willow bark which is said to act as a natural aspirin

·      Contains beard lichen to help the immune system


Composition: Origanum plant oil, extracts of onion, garlic, leek, artichoke, milk thistle, mugwort, willow bark, beard lichen and fruit vinegar.


Recommended Use2ml per 1ltr drinking water or 2-3 drops per 50ml drinking water. Suitable for year-round use, add mixture to drinking water. Shake well before administering. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. 

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