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This product is designed to intensify red colouring in birds. 


·      Made from natural extracts

·      Works to intensify red colours already present

·      Made from natural carotenoids which are organically occurring colours in plants and vegetables such as

       carrots, sweet potatoes and tomatoes

·      Contains carrot juice for colouring purposes as well as a source of vitamin A for healthy eyes and egg


·      Contains sweet corn for colouring purposes as well as antioxidant properties and fibre

·      Contains flower of Tagetes for colouring purposes and antibacterial properties  


Maske is a red plant dye containing natural extracts. It does not colour the feather directly, but intensifies the existing colouring.


Maske plays an important role in the development of a brilliant red colouring using natural carotenoids. It is suitable for all types of birds with red feathers (Goldfinch, Red siskin, Red canary and Mosaics). This is a natural product, not a 'dye'. 


Composition: Extracts of carrots, sweet-corn and flower of Tagetes.


Recommended use: 10ml in 1ltr of drinking water or 10 drops in 50ml drinking water.

Daily: During first month after hatching, during moulting season and for exhibitions.

Non showing/non moulting etc: Three – Four times a week. 

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