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Substance designed to aid immune. Contains a variety of natural ingredients including extracts of Cone-flower, Lapacho tree bark, Indigo herb, Arbor vitae plant and Rosehip.


· Natural herb product

· Promotes antibodies

· Contains cone-flower which is widely used in herbal medicines to fight colds and respiratory problems due to its

   anti-inflammatory and bacteria fighting properties 

· Contains Lapacho tree bark which has also been linked to anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-parasitical


· Contains indigo herb which works in partner with the cone-flower to stimulate the immune system and build


· Contains arbor vitae plant which is linked to cleansing and purifying

· Contains rosehip which supplies vitamin C to boost the immune system and help with stomach and digestion



Immun is characterized by a combination of specific herbal extracts that react to the body’s own immune system in stressful situations and achieve a high level of resistance.


Recommended use: Shake well before administering.

Against stress and strain, exhibition, travel and after fledging: 3ml per 1ltr drinking water over 4 consecutive days.

As support during antibiotics treatment: 3ml per 1ltr drinking water until recovery. 

As a preventative: 2ml per 1ltre drinking water 2 times per week. 

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