Hepacur 100ml

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Product to aid liver metabolism in birds. 


* Natural product to help the liver

* Contains milk thistle for soothing and cooling of digestion

* Dandelion for cleaning the blood and stimulating the glands

* Artichoke for increased bile production which can relieve digestion problems and help the liver regenerate healthy tissue

* Contains celandine which is linked to clearing obstructions in the liver

* Easy to use - add to water


The Liver is the central metabolic organ with diverse functions such as detoxification, digestion, energy balance, hormone regulation, circulation and blood clotting. The liver produces enzymes that regulate processes and store fat-soluble vitamins. The liver cells prodcuce gall for fat digestion. Unnecessary medication or an unbalanced diet can promote the development of steatosis. Hepcaur supports and stimulates the regeneration of liver cells and thereby helps prevent toxic liver damage. It protects the liver cell membrances and normalises liver function.


Composition: Extracts of milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke and celandine.

Recommended use: 2ml per 1ltr drinking water or 2-3 drops per 50ml drinking water. Shake well before administering.

Using as a Cure: For a bird with liver problems or after the moult when the bird has been fed colour feed, give a cure of 7-10 days worth consecutively. 

Using as a Preventative: Use for 2-3 days every 4 weeks. 

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