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Multi-vitamin complex for all birds


·      Multivitamins including A, B, C, D, E, K,

·       Vitamin A aids skin, mucous and resistance to infection, helping to keep cells soft and moist and keeping  

        the eyes and digestive tract healthy. A shortage of vitamin A can result in a complete loss of egg production

·      Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and promote bone growth

·      Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant which strengthens the immune system and improves fertility

·      Vitamin B aids the metabolism

·      Vitamin K plays an important role in preventing blood clots as well as building strong bones

·      Vitamin C helps the immune system in times of stress like breeding and moulting

·      Contains additional minerals like Iron

·      Easy to use add to eggfood or water 


Composition: Sweet whey powder, calcium carbonate

Physiological properties per kg: Vitamin A 2,500,000 IE ∙ Vitamin D3 200,000 IE∙ Vitamin E 10,000 mg ∙ Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 800 mg ∙ Vitamin K3 (Menadione-sodium bisulphite) 260 mg ∙ Vitamin B1(Thiamine hydrochloride) 1,000 mg ∙ Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxide hydrochloride) 600 mg ∙ Nicotinic acid 3500 mg ∙ Vitamin B12 3,000 mcg ∙ Pantothenic acid (Calcium-D-pantothenate) 2,000 mg ∙ Biotin 10,000 mcg ∙ Folic acid 24,5 mg ∙ Choline chloride 15,000 mg ∙ Iron (Iron carbonate) 5,000 mg ∙ Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid)12,000 mg ∙ Copper (Copper-(II)-sulphate, pentahydrate) 480 mg ∙ Manganese (Manganese-(II)-sulphate-monohydrate) 5,000 mg ∙ Zinc (zinc sulphate, heptahydrate) 4,800 mg ∙ Iodine (sodium iodine) 36 mg ∙ Selenium (sodium selenite) 16 mg ∙ Cobalt (cobalt-(II)-sulphate, monohydrate) 36 mg ∙ L-Lysine 25,000 mg ∙ L-Threonine 25,000 mg

Direction for Use: 1g (1x measuring spoon) per 100g egg-feed, or 200ml drinking water. 3-4 times per week.

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