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Multivitamins with stress busting formula ideal for use after antibiotics or stressful situations 


·      Multivitamin complex with added vitamin K1

·      Contains vitamin A which aids skin, mucous and resistance to infection, helping to keep cells soft and moist 

      and keeping the eyes and digestive tract healthy

·      Contains vitamin D3 for improved bone health

·      Contains vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant which strengthens the immune system and improves fertility

·      Contains vitamin K1 and K3 to help the liver and maintain healthy blood clotting

·      Contains vitamin B1 to supply energy by breaking down fats, protein and carbohydrates

·      Contains vitamin B2 to aid energy production and keep the nervous system, eyes and mouth healthy

·      Contains vitamin B6 help good brain, nerve and antibodies function

·      Contains vitamin B12 for healthy blood and energy levels


Vita-K1 is a multi-vitamin complex with extra vitamin K1. Vitamins influence all essential processes in a bird’s body. The active ingredients contained in Vita-K1 optimise metabolic processes and improve overall fitness following antibiotic or other drug treatment, as well as after stressful situations like shows, injury or travel.


Physiological properties per kg: Vitamin A 1,250,000 IE ∙ Vitamin D3 50,000 IE∙ Vitamin E 12,500 IE ∙ Vitamin K1 1,000 mg ∙ Vitamin K3 (menadione-sodium bisulphite) 950 mg ∙ Biotin 18,750 mcg ∙ folic acid 100 mg ∙ Vitamin B1(Thiamine hydrochloride) 625 mg ∙ Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.125 mg ∙ Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxide hydrochloride) 1062.5 mg ∙ Vitamin B12 7,500 mg ∙ Nikotinic acid 10,000 mg ∙ acid (Calcium-D-pantothenate) 2,500 mg ∙ Choline chloride 9.500 mg


Recommended use: Against all types of stressful situations and following antibiotic treatment: 2ml per 1ltr of drinking water or 2-3 drops per 50ml drinking water on 4 consecutive days. Or used once a week for optimum health.

Vita-K1 can be administered together with the supplements Immun and Digest. 

Best Before: 08/21

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