Super Medicine 50ml

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Sjoerd Zwart is a bird breeder and lecturer based in Holland. Having kept birds all of his life, Sjoerd has moved towards mutation breeding and the use and production of herb based natural products. Easyyem-ECS is delighted to be the UK's only stockist of the range which has been met with acclaim throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, and is currently stocked in nearly 20 shops.

Super Medicine 50ml

Sick birds are usually in pain. Due to the pain, the birds muscles contract and they sit tensely on the perch or ground and stop eating and drinking. As a result the bird becomes more ill, Super Medicine is designed to prevent the bird from feeling pain and helps to relax its muscles, and in turn should encourage the bird to eat and drink again. 

Directions for use: Give a few drops directly into the beak, then add to drinking water for a few days afterwards.

Often, a sick bird has not eaten for a few days, which causes the intestines to weaken. The best results are achieved when the bird is given Anti-Coccidiosis as well, for 1 week. This results in a healthy intestinal tract, the bird will be healthy quicker.

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