Protein-O (Brewer's Yeast) 250g

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Bird supplement with added oregano as an immune system aid.


·      Designed to increase the immune systems strength

·      Rich in vitamin B which has a positive influence on the metabolism

·      Rich in protein for growth and strength

·      Contains Brewers yeast which can increase energy levels, help the immune system and provide iron and vitamin B

·      Contains oregano which supplies fibre, vitamin E and minerals

·      Contains cinnamon for antibacterial properties and iron, magnesium and potassium levels


The difference between Protein O and Protein K is the presence oregano. Protein O has oregano, Protein K has garlic. 

Composition: Brewers yeast, oregano and cinnamon

Naturally rich is vitamin-B complex vitamins, high in protein due to Brewer's yeast and containing many natural minerals, this supplement is designed to build and boost immunity. The essential oils from oregano and cinnamon are well known for their positive effects on the gastro-intestinal tract, bird fertility and the immune system.

Recommended Use: 2g (2 x supplied measuring spoon) per 100g of eggfood.

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