Protein-K (Brewer's Yeast) 250g

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Protein-K supplement for birds designed to aid digestion and general wellbeing.


·      High in protein which aids general wellbeing

·      Rich in Brewer’s Yeast which can increase energy levels, strengthen the immune system and provide

       iron and vitamin B

·      Contains garlic to help with digestion and work as a natural antibiotic

·      Contains cinnamon for added fibre, iron, calcium and magnesium

·      Powder form – add easily to eggfood


The difference between Protein K and Protein O is the presence of garlic. Protein K has garlic, Protein O has Oregano. 


High in protein supplied by Brewer's Yeast and naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, Protein-K can aid fertility and general wellbeing. Teamed with garlic and cinnamon, the sweet smelling supplement carries a natural antibiotic effect.  


Composition: Brewer's yeast, garlic, cinnamon


Recommended Use: 2g (2x measuring spoons) per 100g egg-food

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