LOR Italia Unifeed for Canaries 5kg MAINTENANCE

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5kg Canary Maintenance suitable for Melanin and Lipochromic canaries

Composition: cereals, vegetable proteins, sugars, oils and fats, mineral substances, probiotics, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidents and flavourings

Does not contain ant substances that can alter colouring

Designed to be fed throughout the year when the birds are not moulting, breeding or newly weaned. Designed to support and restore the liver function after metabolic stress. 

Can be used for mixing colour feed for red factor canaries, if used as the only food the dosage is 1/3 compared to the doses usually used (2 grams per kg of product is recommended)

Directions for Use: Administer the product as is or with the addition of water until you obtain a mixture of the consistency of a homemade ice cream. If you add water to increase the palatability of the unifeed, it is necessary to replace the product not consumed at least once a day (especially during the summer)

If mixing the product with seeds, add around 10% of the usual amount of seeds so that the bird is required to search for the seeds and as a result eats the product. 

Once the bird is familiar with the product it can be fed wet or dry.

Dosage:  0.5g per bird per day. If feeding UniFeed exclusively (no other seeds etc), 2-3g per day per bird.

​Best Before - August 2021


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