Egg-Food for Red Birds

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Easyyem red eggfood is suitable for all red-coloured bird species. The nutrient content is tailored to needs of the birds, and is further enriched with pure canthaxanthin, a 'natural' food colouring agent approved in the USA and EU. As a result there is no need to add additional red colouring. More information about canthaxanthin can be found  here


Analysis: Protein 22.0%, fat content 8.0%, crude ash 3.8%, calcium  0.10%, phosphorus 0.04%, magnesium  0.13%


Sensory ingredients/kg: Canthaxanthin 2g.


Reccomended use: 3 portions of eggfood + 1 portion of water + wait 5 minutes or moisten with grated fruit/vegetables. Give everyday during breeding and moulting, otherwise 3 times a week. 

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