Anti-Plucking Flakes 1kg

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Sjoerd Zwart is a bird breeder and lecturer based in Holland. Having kept birds all of his life, Sjoerd has moved towards mutation breeding and the use and production of herb based natural products. Easyyem-ECS is delighted to be the UK's only stockist of the range which has been met with acclaim throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, and is currently stocked in nearly 20 shops.

Anti-Plucking Flakes 1kg 

After years of research we have finally found a solution for birds picking their feathers. Our results show that 90% of the birds stops picking after being fed Anti-Picking Flakes daily for three months. 

Explanation: Often, feather-picking is caused by stress. For example, moving the birds, their partner dies, etc. Because of this stress the birds have an increased consumption of beta-keratin. This particular protein can only be found in birds and reptiles. The beta-keratin is barely present in the diet. All beta-keratin the birds get through their diet is used to build up feathers and skin. Because the feathers are packed with beta-keratin, they start eating these. We call this picking, or rather eating, feathers. The birds supplement their own shortage of beta-keratin this way. The feathers grow back, and get eaten again. This way the birds get in a spiral of beta-keratin shortage, eating feathers, and so forth. 

We went looking for pure beta-keratin, which is available. We have fed this to the birds, but to digest the beta-keratin, they need other nutrients. Birds that did not pick their feathers showed a nicer feathering.

Directions for Use: The anti-picking flakes can be mixed through the eggfood. If you do not give eggfood daily, mix the flakes with grated carrot and/or apple.

It is also possible to ground the flakes down to a more powder like consistantcy and add them to seed or eggfood.

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