Anti-Mite Silica Gel 500ml

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Sjoerd Zwart is a bird breeder and lecturer based in Holland. Having kept birds all of his life, Sjoerd has moved towards mutation breeding and the use and production of herb based natural products. Easyyem-ECS is delighted to be the UK's only stockist of the range which has been met with acclaim throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, and is currently stocked in nearly 20 shops.  

Anti Mite Gel 500ml

Designed to kill mites on contact, this thickened silica based liquid gel should be applied with a brush to perches, hives and any other areas that mites could potentially come into contact with.

Anti Mite contains no insecticides or biocides and as a result is non-toxic. It has been already been adopted by various large poultry farms in Holland and Belgium. 

Barely visible, it can be rinsed off with warm water, and is a non-dust forming formula.

Can be combined with Anti-Lice Liquid for extra protection.

Directions for Use: STIR WELL BEFORE USE. Apply with a brush to cage and aviary areas. Allow 24 hours for the product to dry. Do not dilute. Can be power-pressure sprayed using 6 bar force. After 12 months remove the product with warm water and reapply. 


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