Easyyem Eggfood

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Egg-Food for Canaries

Easyyem Eggfood for canary birds provides high protein levels with fruit, vegetables and seeds. 

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Egg-Food for Woodland Birds

Eggfood for Woodland birds. Provides high protein levels with seeds, fruit, vegetables and dried insects.

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Egg-Food for White Canaries

Easyyem Eggfood for white canaries. Provides protein, vitamins and seed.

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Egg-Food for Exotic Birds

Easyyem eggfood for exotic birds. Provides protein with insects, seeds and vitamins. 

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Egg-Food for Parakeets

Easyyem Eggfood for parakeets. Supplies protein, seeds, fruit and vegetables.

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Egg-Food for Red Birds

Easyyem Eggfood for red birds. Provides protein, fruit and vegetables to red species. 

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Easyyem Eggfood Easyyem Eggfood

Easyyem Eggfood has quickly become the key ingredient to a successful breeding season and fit, healthy birds year-round. Produced in Germany, this high quality, sweet smelling eggfood is loved by birds which leads to little waste, and is simple, easy and quick to prepare. Simply add three portions of eggfood to one portion of water, wait five minutes and serve. Some customer choose to add it to Perle Morbide or with grated fruit and berries.

Easyyem eggfood can be used year-round as well as during stressful seasons such as breeding and moulting, in-fact the micro-nutritional research into this product means that it has been designed to help boost the metabolism and overcome the demands of these stressful periods.


Available in six different versions - Eggfood for Canaries, Eggfood for Woodland Finches, Eggfood for White Canaries, Eggfood for Parakeets, Eggfood for Red Canaries and Eggfood for Exotic Birds, there is a version to suit all. Each soft food for birds has been developed with the individual birds needs in mind, meaning that their are varying levels of protein, as well as seeds, fruit and vegetables included in the mixture.

This soft food for birds has been described by many as the best eggfood for birds on the market, simply read the reviews to see for yourself. 

Easyyem-ECS is delighted to be the UK's exclusive supplier, meaning this soft food for birds cannot be purchased anywhere else in the UK.