Super Flytrap

Super Flytrap

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Sjoerd Zwart is a bird breeder and lecturer based in Holland. Having kept birds all of his life, Sjoerd has moved towards mutation breeding and the use and production of herb based natural products. Easyyem-ECS is delighted to be the UK's only stockist of the range which has been met with acclaim throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, and is currently stocked in nearly 20 shops.  

Super Fly Trap

Designed to catch flies, wasps and other small flying insects, this Super Fly Trap can be used in aviaries, patios and in the garden. The non-offensive smelling, non-toxic, non-pesticide or harmful substances, will attract pests away from troublesome areas. 

Directions for Use: Unscrew the cap and fill to the marked area with lukewarm water. Replace the cap and shake well to dissolve the active ingredients in the sachet. Pull the top of the cap up to reveal a handle and hang in desired area - preferably somewhere warm and sunny where the insects will be easily attracted to it.

The teabag like sachet inside will last one season from Spring to Summer.

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