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Perle Morbide
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Perle Morbide® completely replaces germinated seeds, removing the well known germination risks and improves egg-laying.

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Number of ratings: 41
Average rating: 4.7
Very high indeed
from JOHN BRAID on 30/06/2020
I was recommended last year and had good results with Perle Morbide and I have continued to
use it . this year .with top rating
from Bill on 09/01/2020
Easy to prepare and loved by birds.
from b green on 19/11/2019
feeding with eggfood makes life easy and birds healther they just love it
First Class
from WMGA on 26/07/2019
Ideal substitution for, or supplement to soak seed, ready in minutes rather than hours. Always in stock, competitive pricing, delivery second to none, always do what they say on the tin, full recommendation of product and organisation.
from Brian Hallett on 22/06/2019
Have a mixed aviary. All birds wait for me to give it to them each day.
Have raised more Australian finches and bigger birds since using this product
from ROBERT MORTIMORE on 19/06/2019
Very good
from Ian on 07/06/2019
Been using it for several years with no problems. Just mix with water, wait for it to absorb then I add eggfood and birds lap it up expecially those feeding chicks.
first class
from John Braid on 13/04/2019
The Perle Morbide is realy great and birds seem to be enjoying as trays are alwas empty also it saves a lot of time in making up my softfood for my birds as recommended by Mr D Lumsden from Kirkcaldy.
Excellent. Would recommend 5
from Alan Haury on 01/04/2019
Been using it for a long time excellent
from ROBERT MORTIMORE on 02/03/2019
Best thing on the market for my canaries Ive never looked back since using it....
First Class there is nothing better
from ROBERT MORTIMORE on 26/10/2018
Best thing ever for rearing birds....Easy to prepare and lasts the whole day...
5 star
from Anonymous on 18/06/2018
Birds love it
from Anonymous on 30/07/2017
first time user, birds clear pots most days,so easy to use
The Best............
from Anonymous on 12/07/2017
Life is much easier now with Perle Morbide mixed with good quality egg food and Honey...Birds are much happier and healthier.................
very good
from Anonymous on 28/06/2017
Used past 2 years stopped feeding soaked seed just pearle + egg food works for me and easy for mate to look after birds when we are on holidays
very good birds love it easy to use
from Anonymous on 23/06/2017
this is very good birds look for it every night mixed with egg food thanks
The very best
from Anonymous on 20/06/2017
Its a new product and is here to stay.......
Birds Go mad for it
from Anonymous on 13/06/2017
Purchased so called Perle Morbide from another supplier, birds refused to eat it. As soon as I changed it back to the original obtained from yourselves the birds went straight down for it.
from Anonymous on 01/03/2017
Been using for 2years two of my best breeding seasons in 31 years birds love it no need for soak seed now
1st class
from Anonymous on 13/02/2017
easy to use, birds love it.
Top class
from Anonymous on 09/12/2016
Excellent product very highly recommended I feed it in finger drawers the birds love it
from Anonymous on 08/07/2016
would not be with out it
Excellent. It's the first part of the soft food the birds go for.
from Anonymous on 29/05/2016
Chicks reared faster and grow more quickly. I would say they leave the nest two days earlier than usual. It's the equivalent of Miracle Grow for birds.
from Anonymous on 18/05/2016
Why would you use anything else, all different breeds feed chicks well and chicks wean on to it brilliant, I will never stop using
from Anonymous on 08/03/2016
Birds found it pretty good, glad I found it and have recommended it to other breeders
the birds love it.
from Anonymous on 11/02/2016
it was a great help last breeding season I did not have to use soaked seed and the birds fed their young well.
The only set back is the price (but it does go a long way)
the birds love it.
from Anonymous on 11/02/2016
it was a great help last breeding season I did not have to use soaked seed and the birds fed their young well.
The only set back is the price (but it does go a long way)
from Anonymous on 08/09/2015
This is my first year of using this feed and it is great. The birds love it and they seem very healthy. I have been recommending it to my bird breeder friends. Delighted with it.
5 star
from Anonymous on 13/08/2015
no problems chicks grow quicker great product
from Anonymous on 14/07/2015
no waste birds eat it all
High the birds love it
from Anonymous on 12/06/2015
Quick and easy to prepare.
First class product.
from Anonymous on 12/06/2015
All my British finches just love it. And with it being my first year of using your product I can see a massive change in all my birds çondition. Pearl Morbide is in my opinion the way forward.
10 points
from Anonymous on 31/05/2015
Excellent product birds take to it from the start pump the young birds with it
Excellent product and easily prepared.
from Anonymous on 27/05/2015
Started feeding my Canaries and British Finches with Perle Morbide added to my eggfood in January. Birds took to it quickly and it has replaced soaked seed this breeding season. To date I have 70 youngsters reared successfully from my pairs and they are growing well.
from Anonymous on 17/05/2015
Best stuff on the market Superb
Great product
from Anonymous on 08/05/2015
The chicks look well and grow well
10 out of 10
from Anonymous on 08/05/2015
My canaries absolutely love this product and eat every single bit and are all very fit and healthy.I do not mix it with anything else as that is the way they like it.It is very rare for my birds to eat 100% of any food so I am very pleased as there is no waste.
Too early fully to evaluate. The birds have yet to familiarise themselves with it.
from Anonymous on 20/03/2015
I made up far too much, initially. Your specifying 'grams' would be better explained in teaspoonsful, dessert or tablespoons, as not everyone has minute weighing scales. The swelling of the product, when wetted, greatly increases the volume/quantity, as does the addition of egg food. I was 'thrown' by your word, 'hulled,' and also by 'grainy,' neither of which is in common parlance. 'Crumbly' might be better; or, "no longer 'soggy.' "
seems ok birds like it""
from Anonymous on 18/03/2015
will have to see after the breeding season
very good and easy to prepare
from Anonymous on 15/03/2015
so far it is being accepted by my birds with a bit of aprehention but they seem to like it once they have tasted it
Seems to be of the birds liking
from Anonymous on 01/03/2015
First time of using, zeb's were a bit aware of it to start with but by the morning over 75% had been eaten. Just mixed it with dry eggfood. Might try other ingredients to see how they like it.