LOR Italia Unifeed Vita 5kg-BREEDING

LOR Italia Unifeed Vita 5kg-BREEDING

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LOR Italia Vita 5kg

Designed to be a complete feed for small sized birds and their nestlings such as canaries, finches and exotics. Heat treated food grade cereals are mixed with vitmains, minerals and pre and pro biotics, which absorb water and becomes a soft ball, ideal for nestlings and adult birds alike.

Composition: cereals, vegetable proteins, oils and fats, mineral substances, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, aromas.

Instructions:  add an equal quantity of water (100 gr./100 gr.) To the Unifeed-Vita, wait 30/40 minutes then mix the product thoroughly before serving.

Administer as a single product. It is possible to add cooked or germinated seeds or any other natural product while the addition of Vitamins and Mineral Salts is not recommended.

Administer every other day (2/3 days a week is recommended).

Dosage:  0.5g per bird per day. If feeding UniFeed exclusively (no other seeds etc), 2-3g per day per bird.

WARNINGS: Once the product has been moistened it must be replaced daily in full summer, during the winter it can be left available to birds up to 48 hours after preparation. Close the package once opened to preserve the fragrance, store in a cool, dry place.

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