Eggfood ++ Mix 50ml

Eggfood ++ Mix 50ml

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Sjoerd Zwart is a bird breeder and lecturer based in Holland. Having kept birds all of his life, Sjoerd has moved towards mutation breeding and the use and production of herb based natural products. Easyyem-ECS is delighted to be the UK's only stockist of the range which has been met with acclaim throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, and is currently stocked in nearly 20 shops.  


Eggfood ++ Mix 50ml

Designed to control the offset of eggfood going bad, this natural blend of organic acids can be used to prevent eggfood, wet feed and insect pates going off in warm atmospheres, this maybe in a certain area in an aviary or on a warm summers day.

Eggfood ++ Mix is designed to prevent the growth of yeast, mould and bacteria which can cause a sour smelling eggfood. In warm weather, eggfood or insect pates can breed bacteria within one hour reducing the effectiveness of the feed and causing sick birds.

Directions for Use: 2ml per 1 kilo of eggfood or 1ml per 500g of eggfood or 0.5ml per 250g of eggfood

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