Digest 100g

Digest 100g

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Intestinal stimulant for all birds.


·      Fruit and berry based product to promote healthy gut bacteria

·      Pro-biotic formula stimulates the intestines

·      Lines the stomach with healthy, good bacteria preventing bad bacteria forming

·      Helps maintain a good pH in the intestines

·      Use as a preventative by adding to eggfood every few days

·      Use as a cure to diarrhoea, stress and environment changes by using for five days consecutively 


Composition: Fruit pectin (natural fruit and berries product), mannan-oligosaccharides (natural additive), insulin, sodium chloride and carob flour (widely used in health products as chocolate flavouring). 

Digest is an intestinal stimulant for birds and contains pro-biotic substances. The ingredients of Digest create a protective film on the intestinal wall, promoting benign (healthy, good) bacteria and stopping bad bacteria growing. Digest also regulates the necessary pH value in the intestinal flora.


Recommended use: 1x scoop per 100g egg-food 3-4 times per week (scoop provided). Against diarrhoea, apply for 5 consecutive days. Generally against stress (exhibition, changes, transport) for 5 consecutive days.

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